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Incubator bayi Merk GEA Type YP100

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  • Update Terakhir10/01/2016
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Info Produk

Spesifikasi :

Power requirements AC220V-230/ AC110V-120V, 50/ 60Hz
Power requirements 680VA maximum
Power outlet AC220V-230V, 50/ 60Hz, Current 2A max
AC110V-AC120V, 50/ 60Hz, Current 2Amax
Temperature control range and correlative
Air mode control 25-37° C
Temperature rise time ( typical @ 22° C ambient) < 45minutes
Temperature variability < 0.5° C
Temperature uniformity ( level mattress) < 0.8° C
Power alarm power failure
Motor alarm motor failure
Motor run speed too low
Air flow stop
Sensor alarm Air temperature sensor failure
Isolate overheating sensor failure
Air flow sensor failed
Temperature deviation alarm High/ low air temperature
Over temperature alarm Air temperature control mode
Activated if incubator temperature
not exceeds 38° C
E² ROM failed internal malfunction
Environment temperature ( not to use in the environment exceed specified)
Operating range + 20-+ 30° C
Storage range -40-+ 70° C
Environment humidity
Operating range 30% RH-75% RH non-condensing
Storage range 10kg
I.V Pole max. Load 20N
Hood max. Load 4kg
Infant mattress max. Load 10kg
Other specification
Infant mattress width 31cm
Infant mattress length 63cm
Noise level within hood environment < 60dB ( A)
( Base on surroundung environment noise below 45dB)
Carbon diaxide( Co2) level within the hood less than 0.5% when a mixture of Co2 in air is delivered at 750ml/ min at a point 10cm above the center of the mattress.
Air velocity over mattress less than 0.35m/ s
Reset Key
When the following alarm occurs, press RESET/ SILENT key to silence the alarm for 5 minutes, the alarm will come back automatically after 5 minutes. If alarm condition no longer exists, the alarm will be canceled ( except overheat) ; or press the RESET/ SILENT key twice to cancel the alarm, the equipment will come back to set state
Temperature deviation alarm
Sensor alarm
Motor alarm
Over temperature